Blogging Tips and Tutorials for Serving Your Audience Better

By John Aberle | Small Business Management

Oct 28

New Look of Blog Is Meant to Serve You Better

This past month has been one of intense growth and changes for the Aberle Enterprises Blog. These experiences provide the following blogging tips and tutorials for serving your audience better.

Blogging Tips and Tutorials

Image of Aberle Enterprises screen for Blogging Tips and Tutorials

One of the toughest things for any business person is to attract new customers, new prospects or new readers. This is why so many of my articles are related to customer service. It is also why so many of my articles are related to marketing.

While there are exceptions to every statement, generally for small business people to make a sale, they must first establish some relationship. Your blog makes it possible for people to know, like and trust you which are the foundation for building any business relationship where you can help customers buy.

A Good Blog Site and Relevant Posts Will Engage Your Ideal Prospects

Obviously, before you can build the relationship, you must first become a magnet to attract people who are interested in the benefits of what you can do for them. Next, it is essential to a healthy small business to keep customers coming back and telling others about their great experience.

If you visit the Aberle Enterprises Blog, you will see the changes. Some people have commented already on how attractive the changes have made the site. These changes are meant to make it easier for you to find information that might be of help to you in your business.  Here are some of the obvious tweaks:

  1. New Theme The most significant change is the new theme, MyInstantTheme for Business. It is designed to improve search engine ranking.
  2. Dynamic Content Gallery You will see a rotating slideshow at the top of the page. Dynamic Content Gallery, a free plugin pulls pictures from your latest posts. On Aberle Enterprises, the selection is set to pull by category. Dynamic Content Gallery then displays an image from each category in turn.
  3. Reorganized Categories You will find the Aberle Enterprises Blog has a lot fewer categories to make them more meaningful to you. Additionally, most of the remaining categories that serve a purpose now show up as “child” categories under “parent” categories.
  4. Magazine Look – The most recent articles for each category show up below the category header. You can choose the number showing by how many you want on the page. The intent of this new theme is to make a blog more like a magazine so your readers can see what else is there to read. Gina Gaudio-Graves  recently pointed out that studies show readers are less interested in blogs now and more interested in magazines.
  5. Thumbnail Pictures Thanks to the MyInstantTheme for Business, the articles on the home page can have thumbnail pictures too. Provided they are related to the content of the post, they will be more likely to grab the attention of your visitors. Additionally, they will improve your search engine rankings.
  6. “Claim now!” Button You will find the look of the opt-in button changed in the upper right corner. Although it took a bit of work learning how to change the “Submit” button, you will find it now reads “Claim now!” Again, testing has shown that “submit” has very poor response for getting people to opt-in.

Example of a Parent Category and Its Subcategories

In the bullets above, you found that some of the changes include dividing categories inot parent category and its subcategories, called children or child categories. The following is an example:

Parent: Sales and Marketing

Child Categories:

  • Blogs and Blogging
  • Heart Centered Sales and Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Sales Success
  • Sales Strategies
  • Small Business Sales and Marketing

You can find the categories on a navigation bar below the main site navigation bar. The parent categories show up with the child categories on the drop down menus.

If you have your own blog already, go to your Dashboard. In the left hand sidebar near the top, you will find Categories. You can add to, delete and edit your existing categories. In the Edit mode, you can chose to move it under another category. That’s how you change a parent to a child.

What This New Theme Could Mean to You

This theme has produced a major increase in the number of page views, the average length of a page view, and other statistics. The reason that this is important to you is that the number of page views and the length of time on your site indicate how engaged people are with your site. The more engaged they are, the more likely to become customers.

The main idea behind these blogging tips and tutorials for serving your audience better is to capture the interest of visitors to your site strongly enough to get them engaged. When they are engaged, they will read more and be more likely to take action when you suggest it, such as opting in to your community. People will rarely join your mailing list unless they decide you offer enough value to make it worth adding your emails to their inboxes.

The new look and changes to Aberle Enterprises Blog gave you a chance to see in action these blogging tips and tutorials for serving your audience better. As the ultimate goal of small business blogs is to sell something, you first must create some a positive relationship. This means getting your visitors engaged in your site, to read more and to want more. Aberle Enterprises’ blog now serves you better so you can serve your market better.

To find out more about making your blog the heart of your online small business presence, check out the FREE 30 Day IM Challenge course. I do encourage you, though, to take the advantage of the Gold Challenge Call upgrade for only $14.95. If you act immediately, this gives you access to a lifetime of blogging training calls — for just a one time tuition of just $14.95!

When you join us on the Gold Calls, make sure you say hello!  I look forward to meeting you on the calls!

Building profits through strong relationships,


John R. Aberle, Aberle Enterprises


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