Being in the Goal Achieved Makes It Real

By John Aberle | Business Lifestyle

Oct 20
Visualize, in your imagination, your goal achieved from being inside the goal

Visualize, in your imagination, your goal achieved from being inside the goal

It’s easy to forget when goal setting to come from “being here now.” It took Judith & Jim’s Soft Sell Marketers Association weekly training call last Wednesday on “Features and Benefits AND Coming From” to help me take my understanding a step further.

Visualization Activates the Law of Attraction

I’ve used the Law of Attraction and visualization to achieve hundreds of goals in my lifetime, probably thousands if we include the minor ones that I don’t think about consciously yet set in motion. That works for negative images too which is why being conscious of our thoughts is so important. Yet in listening to Judith & Jim today, I realized that many times I seem to stand outside my body watching myself do whatever it is I want to accomplish.

By Coming from the Goal, You Are Already “Here”

Jim was right that coming from the awareness of having achieved the goal is vastly different from moving toward it. As Judith pointed out, moving toward it brings up all of the obstacles and tasks that lie ahead. “Coming from” means you’re already “here,” the struggle and decisions to get here is over. (On the physical timeline, your goal and obstacles still lie ahead so this is a movement through visualization to the point when you have arrived.) My shift in awareness came when I realized that I often see myself “there” as opposed to looking out of my eyes surrounded by what I want to achieve. Do you too, when you think of a goal, a dream, see it “out there”?

Surround Yourself with the Sights, Sounds and Feelings of Being in the Goal

Try this yourself. Put yourself in the consciousness of the goal attained. The one caution I have here is to not put faces and names to the people surrounding you, instead go for the feeling of love and friendship. This gives everyone freedom. In five years, the people in our lives can change. What does achieving your goal look like, feel like, sound like? Visualize your being in your home or driving your new car or surround yourself with the experience of your dream vacation – whatever item or experience you’ve desired, place yourself in the midst of it. Describe the feelings associated with it, like pride, pleasure, satisfaction, serenity, or love and the warmth of friendship. Hear the announcement and applause.

Come from the Goal Achieved by Being the Doer in Your Imagination

Remember, being in the goal achieved makes it real because you’re not looking at yourself out there. You’re looking at it from being in the scene. Use whatever senses you can to see it, feel it, and hear it. Pretend. Visualize. Be the doer rather than the observer for maximum impact on the Law of Attraction. Oh, don’t worry about how it’s going to happen. Opportunities you can’t image now will present themselves. But – you do have to act on the ones that feel right.

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