At Bridging Heart and Marketing IV, Learn How to Boost Your Marketing Presentations

By John Aberle | Heart Centered Sales and Marketing

Oct 17
Picture of acclaimed speaker Patricia Fripp

Patricia Fripp at Bridging Heart & Marketing IV will share presentation lessons

Are you looking for ways to boost your marketing and sales? Contrary to the “build a better mousetrap” cliché, people need to know about your “mousetrap” before they beat a path to your door. Core to your ability to interest them in your products and services is your ability to present your ideas clearly and confidently to the right audience.

Judith & Jim selected Patricia Fripp, for her expertise as a speaker and sales trainer, to teach you “How to Market Through Powerful, Persuasive, Professional and Personable Presentations” at Bridging Heart & Marketing IV virtual conference on Sunday, October 17, 2010 at 11:00 AM Pacific. As an author or co-author of four books and an acclaimed speaker, Patricia is eminently qualified to train you on how to develop your presentations.

Essential for any business success is the ability to make persuasive presentations. This is true regardless of your position, whether business owner, sales person or marketer.  Your opportunities range from the classic elevator speech or 30-second introduction to a short five minute blurb at a networking event to a group presentation where you can heighten awareness of your products and services.

Regardless of your presentation skill level, you can always improve your presentation skills by listening to other experts. The following are my favorite seven points out of the fourteen that Patricia Fripp will share with you in her session on Bridging Heart & Marketing IV:

  • Create and deliver a presentation that is on-target
  • Speak to be remembered…for all the right reasons
  • Utilize the three critical aspects of every business presentation
  • Solidify your thoughts into a fool-proof structure
  • Connect both emotionally and intellectually
  • Speak as an authority
  • Improve listener buy-in for your point of view

Check out Judith & Jim’s pricing structure for this event. They want all heart centered, soft sell salespeople and marketers to be able to benefit from the experts on Bridging Heart & Marketing IV so they’ve priced it in three tiers. This enables you to choose the level that fits your needs best, starting at $97 for listen only. Or, like me, you may prefer at least the second level with downloadable recordings and speaker notes.

Improve your marketing impact with powerful, persuasive, professional and personable presentations. Regardless of your speaking and presentation level, you will gain inspiration and techniques from Patricia Fripp at Bridging Heart & Marketing IV. If you’re interesting in building your business while growing yourself, join me.

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