Are Your Customers Able to Find You?

By John R. Aberle | Internet Marketing

May 19

One more time, “Are your customers able to find you?” I was reminded a couple times this week about how the search engines, i.e. Google, Firefox and Bing/Edge/Internet Explorer, are moving forward with making the web more secure.

Facebook Blocked Post for Security Reasons

For instance, I tried to post a comment to Facebook today from Starbucks. I was blocked because it was an unsecured connection.

Strong Motivation and a Clear Vision

The major search engines are making it harder than ever to get to sites that are not secure. If you still have an “http:” site, you may have noticed the (i) to the left of your URL in the address line on your browser. Right now, it merely advises people that your site is not secured.

Block Your Site and Deindex It

It appears that they will soon block access to any "HTTP:" sites. Moreover, Google has indicated it will deindex them. In other words, your site won't be found through search either. If your site is secure, it will have a little green padlock to the left of the address bar. Just having the SSL certificate is not enough.

You will need a plugin, like Really Simple SSL, to check for any hard-coded links to an unsecure, i.e. “http:” site. If you have unsecure content on your site, the whole site is unsecure. Some Internet marketing experts I’ve talked to in the past couple of weeks indicate that if you are merely referring people to a reference site that is not yet secure, your site should be all right. However, we have yet to see the final steps in the roll out of this effort to secure the web.

PLEASE, if you haven't switched to an "HTTPS" site to replace your "HTTP" site designation, do so immediately!!!

SSL Is Not Enough

By the way, just installing the SSL certificate is not enough. You need to update Google Analytics, Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) among others with your “HTTPS:” URLs. I spent days researching the tasks to be done and created a checklist to help you out. It is free to members of my community.

SSL Follow Up Activities Checklist

On the request of one of my friends, who is an Apple user, I recalled that Macintosh users might have a problem with a Windows Microsoft Excel file so I double checked my checklist and uploaded into Google Sheets where I save it in Google's format. When you subscribe to my community, you will receive the link to that list of activities needed to ensure maximum exposure to your new URLs once you make your site secure with an SSL certificate.

Help Installing SSL Certificate

By the way, most small businesses and entrepreneurs, especially solopreneurs who themselves lack the highly technical needed to do coding (programming) of websites will want someone else to install the certificates for them. For that reason, I changed hosting companies to WPX Hosting. They include installing SSL certificates free for those on their service.

I have been thrilled with the support level from them. When I submit a ticket, I have a support agent on “Chat” with me immediately. The worst I’ve had to wait for a response was a couple minutes. They are fast, helpful and courteous. Moreover, they moved my websites from my old hosting company and my emails that I had there. Thus, if you are considering a new hosting company anyway, I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly than WPX Hosting.

Whether you choose to go with WPX Hosting or stick with what you have, take action now! Get your SSL certificates for your websites and get them installed. Then be sure to follow up at a minimum with Google Analytics and Google Search Console to update them with your new secure site URLs.

Open your heart in selling,

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John R. Aberle

Aberle Enterprises


Are you looking for faster Internet hosting with fantastic customer service, free SLL certificates installed on your sites, and your sites transferred over for you? Look no further than WPX Hosting. I love their service so much that I asked to be an affiliate marketer for them. I’m confident that you will enjoy their service too.

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