Your Retiree Business Vision

Your Retiree Business (YRB) site commits itself to helping you find personal fulfillment through your retiree business.

The YRB vision is that life is so much more meaningful when you are actively contributing to improving the world. While you can obviously contribute with a nonprofit organization, most nonprofits are constantly struggling to raise enough money to fulfill their mission.

This is why Your Retiree Business, powered by Aberle Enterprises, believes with Gina Gaudio-Graves, the JV Queen and founder of Directions U, in the value of social entrepreneurship. The gist of this idea is to build a profitable business then be able to do good in the world using some portion of the profits from your business.

Whether social entrepreneurship is the path for you or you find other ways to contribute to improving lives, you will need to build your retiree business into a profitable, sustainable business. Think of the lives you can impact this way.

mage of the vision of the six facets for finding personal fulfillment through Your Retiree Business 

In order to build your retiree business in a way that you find personal fulfillment with it, there are six core facets.

  1. Passion & Purpose
  2. Monetize your business
  3. Relationship Selling
  4. Business Systems
  5. Team Building
  6. Business Lifestyle


Note: Lionel Ochoa of Zence Imagery designed the vortex graphic.

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