I'm using Style as referred to in Microsoft Word for a format defined with color, font, font size, indent, bullet, and more. The H1, H2 tags are each a style too. The term “Styles” merely refers to several of them, such as appear on a style sheet.

As the 7th post in my Small Business Productivity Tips series, I did a video. This one is on using Microsoft Word Styles to save time and to add emphasis to your documents. First I showed some of the standard Styles: Heading 1 (the H1 tag); Heading 2 (or the H2 tag); Heading 3 (or H3 tag); and Heading 4 (H4 tag) plus Strong, which is HTML for boldface. I also showed how to create a custom style, John’s Bernard MT Condensed. Additionally, I explained how I changed Normal from Calibri 11 to Times New Roman 12.

Small Business Productivity Tips - Using Microsoft Word Styles

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