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Building profits through strong relationships

Aberle Enterprises is all about the information you as a small-business owner and managers need to develop a profitable business with sufficient sales from repeat customers to help level out the boom and bust cycles common to all businesses to a greater or lesser degree.  The overriding goal of the Aberle Enterprise’s blogs is to help you find the time and the peace of mind to enjoy a lifestyle as well as your business.  The way to do this is to develop a profitable business based on strong relationships with your customers and employees that produces sustainable and continuing profits.

When you truly caring about your customers first, you’ll help them come to know like and trust you, which enables them to actually want a long-term relationship as your customers because they know you care about them.  Likewise, when you have strong relationships with your employees, you’ll help them reach their personal goals as they help you reach your business goals.

There are four major aspects of a business that you as a small-business owner or manager need to understand so as to provide the proper guidance and make the best decisions in order for your business to thrive.  These categories are as follow:

Operational systems are unique to specific industries; sometimes they’re not unique to specific sub niches within industry.  These are the areas where you probably already excel.  They’re also the areas that Aberle Enterprises will have little or nothing to offer you.

At present Aberle Enterprises has three blogs and a fourth one planned, as shown in the following diagram:

Aberle Enterprises blogs relationships graphicEach of the following Aberle Enterprises’ sites contributes in some way to your building profits through strong relationships:

  • Aberle Consulting provides consulting, coaching, and training services on sales and marketing, financial control systems, and organizational structures and systems for small business owners and managers.
  • Help Customers Buy provides sales and marketing training focused on skills, knowledge and techniques to Help Customers Buy. This is a heart centered, service oriented approach that some call soft sell. It is definitely proactive sales, not a passive approach.
  • How to Make a Profit helps you understand how to make a profit by managing your business to actively produce a pre-designed or pre-engineered profit.  You will find articles and recommendations that explain business accounting terms from a small business owner or manager’s viewpoint instead of from an accountant’s.

Note: AberleEnterprises.com is part of my organizational chart as I drew it up on August 15, 2010. It puts my blogging and websites into more of a business mindset which has been my purpose all along. This particular site, AberleEnterprises.com, is my hub for the business. From it, you can go to various other training programs, teleseminars, and physical conferences, some of which are my products and others which I recommend; for most of them, we will be affiliates.

To understand more about how I saw our three main sites, please read “Three Heart centered Sales and Marketing Sites.” I had not published How to Make a Profit yet.

John and Dorothy Aberle

John and Dorothy Aberle enjoying dinner out

John R. Aberle

John Aberle served in the USAF before getting out to work in the business world. He started his sales career with radio advertising sales. His early sales and marketing experience included retail store management at both the district level and franchise regional level for a couple Fortune 500 companies. He has extensive background in direct, business-to-business sales for major corporations, mid-sized companies and small businesses. As vice president of sales and marketing for a small computer dealer/service company, he oversaw the company’s operations in Mexico too. He owned a printer service company for six years. Since then, he has consulted small businesses on profit and expense control, organization for management, and now focuses again on sales and marketing, with a new emphasis on Internet marketing, social networking, and copywriting. His consulting jobs covered a wide spectrum of businesses and industries as well as provided the opportunity to work in some 22 states plus 4 Canadian provinces/territories.

He has extensive experience doing public speaking from small groups to audiences of 1,000 people. He’s been on radio and television starting during his years in the Air Force then for personal growth topics. Most recently, he’s been interviewed on Internet radio.

Dorothy Aberle

Dorothy managed the day-to-day operations for John’s service company in El Paso for six years. After five years running the administration for a small manufacturer in the construction industry, she now works with him as a partner in Aberle Enterprises.

Joint Interests

Their personal interests include books, movies, seminars, dining out and travel plus spending time with family when possible. John is an avid amateur photographer, especially when traveling. He had a side line of free lance restaurant reviews as the Anaheim Restaurant Examiner for the Anaheim edition and, in the Los Angeles edition, Southern California Restaurant Examiner for Examiner.com. John loves doing research, writing and public speaking especially with the view to making others’ lives better.


John: As you know, this website / blog is free to readers. Its primary purpose is selling my products (in development as of this writing) and coaching/consulting services. Additionally, It is financed through affiliate commissions and various forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. Still, from a lifetime in sales and marketing, I love recommending products we believe in, whether from our own positive experiences with the products or from the high praise of other customers or both.

While the compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog, we will give you our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. Sometimes too we rely upon other customer opinions to add depth to our understanding. We value your trust.

Besides not even Dorothy and I agree on everything regarding a product, meal, or movie I like.   😀  Further, when we’re not promoting some product, we too are buyers and rely on the opinions and testimonials of others so we know how important it is to retain your trust.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely our own unless stated otherwise, such as a direct quote. Please  perform due diligence in regards to any purchase you consider, whether we recommend it or not. e.g. check any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

Be aware that one form of compensation is for advertising that appears on our site, such as Google AdWords or AdSense. In these cases, we have no direct control over the ads Google or other advertisers place. We make no claims about those products.

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