7 Steps to Attract Customers with Video at Bridging Heart & Marketing IV

By John Aberle | Heart Centered Sales and Marketing

Oct 19
Picture of Jody Colvard, CEO FMG TV /Radio Network

Jody Colvard presents 7 Simple Video Secrets to Build Your Social Audience

Whether you are fully into the video craze on the Internet or not, you have to be aware of it. The challenge for small business owners and marketers is to figure out how to use it. This becomes even more important for heart centered small business owners, salespeople and marketers because they have a message to share, a need to make themselves attractive to their ideal prospects. For this reason, Judith & Jim included Jody Colvard, CEO FMG TV /Radio Network, on the Bridging Heart & Marketing IV program.

Jody’s going to share tonight “7 Simple Video Secrets to Build Your Social Audience.” Part of her talk will cover technical things, like the following:

  • How to choose the best video camera for your budget.
  • Tips to make a video look like it was prepared for TV
  • Recommendations for relatively simple and easy to use editing software
  • Ideas for video formats which make streaming easy

Additionally, Jody will train you on how to use video to develop a loyal following. And she will cover tips for repurposing your videos into products which you can use to either to sell as information products or to use primarily to promote your products and services.

Take advantage of membership in Bridging Heart & Marketing IV to develop skills and the knowledge you need to upgrade your marketing so as to build your business. When you add new knowledge and skills, you expand your own awareness of what is possible. In other words, you grow yourself.

You don’t need comedy to be entertaining if you use video

Forget about needing to be a comedian to do videos. I know that most viral videos, i.e. those that spread like a flu across the Internet, are entertaining in a humorous way. Rarely do business videos entertain in that fashion. But people love color and watching and hearing at the same time so videos can be far more effective than just written material or just audio.

There are six more live Bridging Heart & Marketing IV sessions including Jody’s tonight. Judith & Jim have made this as attractive as possible for heart centered business people. I’ve seen programs that cost as much or more for just one session not six. If you choose the middle package like I did, you can download all eleven sessions plus the speakers’ notes.

Heart centered business people, whether owners, salespeople or marketers, will find Jody Colvard’s “7 Simple Video Secrets to Build Your Social Audience” extremely valuable. Join us at Bridging Heart & Marketing IV to get the basics you need to add video to your marketing efforts. Build your business while you grow yourself.

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