Google Is About to Hurt Sites without the HTTPS of a SSL Certificate

By John R. Aberle | Internet Marketing

Jan 31

Barry Schwartz in August 2014 reported that Google was “Giving A Ranking Boost To Secure HTTPS/SSL Sites.” Well, Gina Gaudio-Graves, my Internet marketing mentor reports that Google has finally decided to force the issue with all of the sites that ignored the initial push towards developing secure web sites.

Screen capture of Search Engine Land’s article on Google giving preference to sites with SSL certificates, i.e. HTTPS sites

Search Engine Land’s article on Google giving preference to sites with SSL certificates, i.e. HTTPS sites

Gina told the Directions University Bachelor Students last week that starting today, I think she said, sites without the “https” of sites with SSL Certificates will show up on Chrome with a warning that the site is not secure. Their next step, which will be soon though no firm date has been announced, will de-index any site that is not secure.

Up until now, many if not most small business sites that were not doing e-commerce on their sites chose to ignore getting the SSL certificate. But Google is no longer allowing them to escape the requirement. If you want to avoid having your visitors scared off as your being an insecure site, get that certificate.

There are many sites available that can provide an SSL Certificate for you for a fee. Gina found a site online, Cheap$$L Security, where you can get your SSL for very low fees. Her partner, Jack Humphrey said that you can even find them free. Regardless of the approach you take, you will probably need someone to install it on your host for you.

Normally, I walk the talk so I feel bad that I don’t yet have my site up with the https myself. By this time next week, I should be complying too. I’m about to upgrade my theme to Thrive Themes which both Jack and Gina praise. In the process, Shawn Melaugh told the story of how they spent a year trying to find a hosting company for their customers. During that time they thoroughly vetted XPS Hosting. The good news is that XPS includes your certificate free with their service.

Take action now to protect your small business’ site, your search ranking, and your traffic. Google is serious getting sites, whether they do e-commerce or not, secure from hackers. Look for a free SSL certificate then get someone to install it for you or choose to purchase from someone like Cheap$$L Security or from your hosting company. Or you can change your hosting company to XPS Hosting for better performance and for the free unlimited SSL. Whatever you do, do it soon for you have a short window before Google takes its next step.

Open your heart in selling,


John R. Aberle


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