Happy Thanksgiving 2016

By John R. Aberle | Gratitude

Nov 24

Today in America, we take a break from our hectic lives to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for. It is a chance to say Thank You to whatever Divine Spirit you believe in for the blessings of this past year whether for the love of family and friends, for a job, for new things learned, for personal growth, for new sights visited, for health or for whatever brought you happiness.

Happy Thanksgiving 2016 Meme with John R. Aberle and turkey

I am grateful to each of you for being in my community. I recommit myself to serving you even better in the year ahead.

In addition, I’m especially grateful to my clients and to my co-author on the book we are working on together. And I want to thank all my friends in the DU Bachelor Program for sharing and learning together. This past year I’ve also had the opportunity to get active again in my church leading two classes monthly and doing two worship services. Dorothy and I had our first ever ten-day vacation, and we plan another three-day cruise over Christmas. Despite some aches and pains that come with growing older, we each have good health. I’m grateful to family, especially to those we get to share time with and to being remembered by those distant from us. Our daughter Stephanie returned for ten days last week with us. It was so great! And it has been a year of growth in knowledge including training on real estate liens. I know there is so much more to be thankful for, but I also realize that one can overdo testing your patience and interest.

May you too, whether you live in the United States or elsewhere, enjoy this opportunity to recall your blessing of this past year with gratitude in your heart. And may you experience an abundance more of them in the year ahead.

Open your heart in selling,
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John R. Aberle, Aberle Enterprises

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