127 Ways to Supplement Your Retiree Income

By John R. Aberle | Small Business Management

Oct 14

How is your retirement plan coming together? Are you already set with adequate retiree income to provide the lifestyle you want in retirement? Or are you looking for additional funds to enable a better lifestyle now before retirement. If you are, check out this wonderful book chocked up of ideas and contacts. Gundi Gabrielle provides 127 ways to supplement your retiree income. For that matter, it offers solutions for anyone even before retirement who needs extra cash.

 My online mentoring class friends and I desperately wanted this information four years ago. Gundi Gabrielle finally wrote it. You too may benefit from this resource. 127 Home-Based Job & Business Ideas: Best Places to Find Jobs to Work from Home & Top Home-Based Business Opportunities, Grouped by Experience Level + ... (Influencer Fast Track® Series Book 4)It is filled with 127 major categories of opportunities one can find as part-time jobs or as little gigs to add to your retiree income. Some of which can eventually become full-time or a business, for instance, your retiree business. (Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

As you might imagine, I’ve heard of or thought of many of these ideas already – maybe, being generous to myself, about 5% of them. That means the vast majority I did not know about. And even those I did recognize, Gabrielle often put a new spin on them. I’m looking again at ideas I discounted before.

Moreover, she has courses listed for many options by people who have proven to make that program really pay, e.g. “Here is a free, in-depth course from a 7-figure gig seller - and founder of - on how to build a successful business on gig platforms (not just Legiit).” This was under the section “Fiverr Gigs.”

Another helpful aspect of 127 Home-Based Job & Business Ideas  di has links to companies that hire part-timers for that particular activity. For instance, for Virtual Assistant jobs, Gundi lists VA Agencies including Fancy Hands, Boldly, Contemporary VA, and seven others with links to their sites.

She first breaks the book into sections based on experience levels, like Part 1 - General Job & Business Ideas - Basic Skills, Intermediate Skills, Pro Skills, College Degree Required, Local Gigs, Your Home, Your Car, and Home-Based Business.

You will find opportunities for part-time income and gigs, even ones specifically for lawyers and for court reporters.

In Part 2 - Your Passions & Interests, the areas are wide ranging: Pets, Travel (Locally), Arts & Crafts, Writing, Photo & Video, Fashion, Cooking, Health & Wellness, Gardening, Kids, Video Games, Medical.

Interestingly for someone who does a lot of book reviews, I never investigated how I might find work as a proofreader. Even more intriguing to me, I never thought about anyone needing music reviewers, though that is definitely not my talent or area of interest.

Among other things that I found fascinating were the vast array of opportunities for writers. Obviously, I never seriously pursued them on my own, so now Gundi Gabrielle has taken away my excuses. But then she’s done that for people, who love crafts too, including calligraphy.

For those who have no skill or interest in crafts, she has ideas for renting out your assets, far more than just Airbnb or Uber. I would never have thought about renting out parking space unless I had a house near a fairgrounds or major sports stadium.

This book especially captured my attention because one of my business interests is retiree income. I even have a Facebook Page, “Your Retiree Business.” While most American retirees won’t want a full-time business or even a part-time business, you might be one of more than half of American retirees who will want to supplement your Social Security income.  On the other hand, you may even be someone who wants your own retiree business that provides you with an ongoing, and even passive income.

According to Maurie Beckman in her Motley Fool article, “You Won't Believe How Many Americans Have No Retirement Savings,” she stated many reasons that retiring won’t cut down one’s living expenses that much. In fact, “All told, the average worker today should expect to require about 80% of his or her pre-retirement income to live comfortably after leaving the workforce. Social Security, meanwhile, will replace about half that sum for the average earner.”

Following up on one of her sources, I found a report, “The U.S. Financial Health Pulse™” by the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI), “More than four in 10 of all respondents (42 percent) reported no retirement savings at all.” Other reports I found on CNBC and Forbes put the figure of no savings besides Social Security at 34% ranging up to 50% with no savings. Regardless of which number is correct, that is a lot of Americans who will struggle through retirement because Social Security was only meant to be a supplement.

This graph shows the probability of a 65-year-old living to a given age by sex and year.

This graph shows the probability of a 65-year-old living to a given age by sex and year.

Moreover, the seriousness of this situation is compounded by the fact that we are living longer than ever in known history. According to The Hamilton Project’s figures, in “Probability of a 65-Year-Old Living to a Given Age, by Sex and Year,” in 2015 both men and women were living significantly longer than in 1965.

For example, a man who reached 65 in 1965 had an 81% probability of living to 70, 41% chance of reaching 80, and only 10% likelihood of living to 90. By 2015, men gained the most in expected lifespan as women always tended to outlive men. The figures for men now were 90%, 62% and 22% respectively. For women, their life expectancies rose to 93%, 71%, and 34% respectively.

That means that even more American retirees will need supplemental income to have anything like a comfortable retirement. You may even be able to add to that savings account now.

Gundi Gabrielle offers 127 major ideas with resources for each, sites to click on to take advantage of a specific opportunity, whether you are a retiree or just need to increase your income.

With Americans living longer, Gundi Gabrielle’s recent book, 127 Home-Based Job & Business Ideas: Best Places to Find Jobs to Work from Home & Top Home-Based Business Opportunities, Grouped by Experience Level + ... (Influencer Fast Track® Series Book 4), will prove to be an incredible resource for people who want to supplement their retiree income. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

Open your heart in selling,

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John R. Aberle, Aberle Enterprises, Your Retiree Business

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